Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom is always thinking of new things.

Mom had to get a new cane the other day because her's fell off the wheelchair at Universal Studios. When she was looking at cane, she saw little purses to attach to them. But Mom has so much stuff that she thought she probably already had something she could use. So, while going through a box in the garage (and then falling from the heat) she found this patch from Timbuk2 and it stays on her cane. Her new cane is pretty too, has butterflies on it! She has her cell phone with her so she is never without and can call for help if she needs it.

 Mom is always worried about things.  Like if we're out for an off-duty walk and Mom falls and hurts herself and has to call the paramedics. We've heard horror stories of unmarked service dogs being taken away when their handlers are hurt and sometimes being euthanized. Mom does NOT want that to happen. So we bought this leash wrap from Mom's friend Leann. It's brand-new but Mom did not pay brand-new prices. So this goes in Mom's new cane pouch to be used for emergency or unexpected situations.