Monday, August 6, 2012

August 2012 Staycation!

 So here's the start of our August Staycation with more pictures to come!

On Friday we went to Universal Studios. Mom stayed in the wheelchair the whole day.

 Here I am on the Backlot Tram Tour. We sat in the front car. I decided to sit up here between the tram driver and the narrator. I did well on tram. I just didn't care for the earthquake simulation.
 Here's Jaws! He didn't scare me in the slightest.
 Here we are with some of Scooby Doo crew. I liked Scooby.

This is my friend Nanu, an American Eskimo Dog. She's one of the dogs in the Universal Studios Animal Actors Show. I met her once before and was happy to see her again. After the show we took this picture together.  Isn't she pretty?

 On Saturday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. When we entered, they asked Mom what breed I was. Over the radio they announced to zoo staff that I was at the zoo, it was very nice not to have every staff member question Mom. Mom was in the wheelchair again. But early into our zoo adventures, Mom's wheelchair started falling apart and we had to rent an electric one. The zoo was very hilly.

 Beautiful scarlet macaws!
 Here I am watching the macaws! I like birds!
 Gorilla butt!
 Giraffes feeding. I wouldn't want to try herding them!
 Here I am watching the giraffes.
Here was a male lion, basking in the sun. Mom was hoping this lion would teach me not to chase his smaller descendents, particularly Fasie.

More pictures to come, we still have to upload our pictures from our trip to Ventura on Thursday.


  1. Wow great adventures. I'm glad to hear that you all have got to get out and about. I remember Nanu. Did she pay attention good this time or did she want to come hang out with you in the audience again?

  2. Nanu did try to say hello to us again after her part in the show but the trainer called her back. But at the end they all came out take bows and Nanu came to visit us. That's when we got the picture.