Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mom is grounded again!!!

Mom is not doing good and I'm worried about her. Today she fell 3 times and then fainted. We all went to the ER.  They did all sorts of tests on her but still doesn't know what it cause the falling. Some of the nurses at the ER were unsure of me at first but by the end, they adored me. And Mom was able to walk with just her cane and holding onto my handle. That BLD can't come soon enough!

Here's Mom and I at the ER. Mom is grounded, she really shouldn't be alone and the family is worried about her.

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  1. Oh no! I hope the medical people get some answers soon. I'm so glad you are so good with helping her with her Mobility. Sorry I can't be there to help you take care of her. I have faith that you and the rest of the family can help her to help her. Stay strong and believe that things will turn around as long as you all can keep your heads above water. Just keep on being a wonderful dog and know that god has some sort of plan.