Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots of good stuff in the mail!

 Because I did this to my Turnup from Ruffwear, Mom had to take action. The Turnup is my favorite.
 A few days later, we got a package! It was from Mom's friend Julee!
I got a new Turnup, a squeaky bone thing (I killed my last one), a yellow ball from West Paw Designs, and a new patch! Rocky wishes they made a Turnup in his size!

 We got this package from Florida!
 It was wrapped in neat tissue paper!
 It was a new collar for me with a pretty red riboon made by Mom's friend Brooke!
Here it is on me. I know it's hard to see a black collar on a black dog but there it is!

 Last week, we got this. Mom was super excited when it arrived.
 Something smells good in here!
 Hanukkah pot holders sent by Mom's friend Alyssa!
 Some fuzzy socks for Mom
 A pretty new necklace for Mom!
 Oh, dear! Something for Mom to torture me with!
My Mobility Support Harness made by Katrina at Bold Lead Designs. This was previously worn by my buddy Dexter but it fits me too! And it's in great shape!

 Fasie couldn't care in the slightest about my new harness!
 We took it out for a spin!
 It has a special ergonomic handle to make it more comfortable for Mom to hold. It only weighs 2.5lbs which is light compared to the Bridgeport harness that weigh at least 7lbs!

Mom loves the new harness. She says she feels so much more stable with me in my harness on one side and her cane on the other side. I'm still getting used it. It may only be 2.5lbs but it's heavier than the nylon harness I used to wear.

I have no problem doing tasks in this harness.

That's our update for now. We have big stuff planned for next week so be sure to watch for an update next weekend!!


  1. Wow That's some sever chewing Max, have you been gnawing it like a soda bottle? Lol.
    Your new gear looks fabulous and the collar picture came out well even though it's black on black. I'm very proud of you for how much you help mom. I'm glad the new harness is lighter I hope it makes your job easier for you.

    I'll let you in on a secret: Fasie does care about your new harness. He's secretly envious that you get to go on walks with the people and he can't.

    Speaking of other four legged friends and family... Tetra says Hi, she's been over here from time to tme giving me doggy time while Holly uses the WWW. Lilly loves with Richard now and wishes you could have fun with her. She learned that she can chase the rooster as long as she doesn't catch him. She has a blast keeping him from being underfoot while I'm working there.
    A friend came over with a dog yesterday and Star was not happy about it. She says that by comperision your not very annoying at all. Which is as close as she'll get to admitting that she loves and misses you, but you know she's a princess. I'll try to get you some video of her wrestling with me.
    I hope grandpa is wrestling you sometime. I'd hate for you to forget howng with me.

  2. Ok, in the third picture, please tell me you remember where you got the bone toy, because my dog has one of those and it's her favorite toy but she destroyed it. If you remember could you please tell me