Thursday, June 7, 2012

The times they are a'changing, a fork in our road through life.

There have been some drastic changes in our life. Mom, Fasie, Lizzie and I moved down to Southern California. There have been some interesting changes in Mom's health and her relationships so we moved down here so Mom could save the remainder of her sanity. We are living with my Auntie Melanie and her pug Rocky. Mom has new doctors and a new therapist. I'm hoping this move helps Mom a lot. She seems sad though. Fasie and I don't like the heat. Lizzie doesn't care, she likes the heat.

Living here is very different. It is much warmer. But people know nothing about service dogs! The county is not in compliance with state law, people think I'm a guide dog, and they ask Mom lots of noisy questions. I got a new harness because I was cooking in my old one, it is just too hot. Here's me in my new  harness, have I mentioned how much I hate the camera? Rocky likes the camera!

To help with the heat, Mom has ordered me my own pool! I can't wait to spend hot days in my private pool! I don't think Rocky will splash in it with me.

There are more service dog teams in the Greater LA metro area. I hope we can meet up with them. Mom and I hope to visit Sonja and her furry pack in San Francisco later this summer.

A few days ago, Mom's lower back was hurting her so I helped her with the laundry.

We have wild tomatoes growing on the side of the house. Look how many we got picked in just a few minutes!

cherry tomatoes

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