Friday, June 22, 2012

Mom is Grounded!

Last night, Mom overdid it.

Auntie Mel gave her some plastic tubs so she could store stuff under her bed. Mom put the tubs under her bed and then couldn't get back up. Mom sent me to get Auntie Mel which I did. Auntie and I got Mom up onto the bed. Auntie told Mom to rest and take it easy for a bit.  Mom didn't rest for long enough though. She attempted to get out of  bed to get her pills and down she went. Mom sent me to get Auntie again and we got Mom back in bed. This time Mom listened and stayed there for longer.  When Mom attempted to get under the covers, down she went again! I got sent to get Auntie Mel again and again we got her back into bed. And in bed she stayed.

Today she has been ordered to take it easy and keep her cell phone with her at all times. She still insisted on bathing me (yuck) but she is not allowed to unpack any boxes, get down on the floor and she has to play with me from her chair in the yard, no walks.

Mom, you are grounded!!

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