Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Longest Day of the Year!

Here's me cuddling with my cat, Count Fasie.
Today we are sharing our adventures with Ruffwear, to show them what we did for the summer solstice. Mom said, "Disabilities be damned, we are going to enjoy the solstice!!"
We began our day with some bed cuddling.

Then Mom and I went out for a morning walk. We use the Ruffwear Singletrak when the SoCal mornings are still cool so I get some extra exercise when Mom's endurance is down.

Then I got loaded into grandpa's car to help Mom run some errands.

 Surprise Ruffwear! I'm also a service dog! Mom had to run some errands today so Grandpa and I were there to help her out. I love being a service dog.

 After running errands, I got to visit my Uncle Nosh! Nosh is an old man and likes to play but he can't keep up with a spring chicken like me!

 Then mom said, "Fibromyalgia be damned! We're going for a bike ride!" She's regretting those words now, she's pooped!

 After my bike ride, I had to cool off in my pool. Mom passed out on her bed for a quick nap!

After some cool off time, it was play time again! My Auntie Melanie brought me home a new toy-a little boy! We played tug of war and fetch!

 Playing fetch! Mom's cell phone video camera sucks!

Time to cool off again! That water is getting dirty Mom, you gotta clean my pool!

Here's me and Mom!
That's my cousin Rocky peeking out from behind Mom.

 By the end of the day, I was pooped! Well Ruffwear, I hope you enjoyed our day!

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