Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting caught up!

I've been behind on my blog.  Life got soooo busy!

In February we moved out of that tiny awful apartment into a much better place only a block away.  We live in a duplex on an old Victorian. A nice, mostly quiet man lives upstairs and we mostly see him checking his mail or doing his laundry.  Yes, on site laundry!  Mom loves it!  And I love my very own yard!!  I can go out whenever I want, lay in the grass, birds to watch and bottles to chew on. 

But something sad happened. On the day we could really say hello to the new house, we also had to say goodbye.  Mordecai suffered a stroke on February 3, and we said goodbye to him on February 6.  We were all sad but it was the right thing to do.  He is at peace now.

Life has really taken off! I go with Mom just about everywhere and am doing well in my training.  I really started to hate the Gentle Leader and failed to communicate to Mom that I had a broken tooth that it was bothering.  I finally got the message across to Mom and she took me a place where they pulled out my broken tooth.  I got wet food on my kibble for days!   Mom sold the Gentle Leader and started using a prong collar. And it doesn't hurt me at all, just gives me a reminder.  They just look bad.

Lots of stuff has happened in the past months.  In the upcoming days I'll post about trips we took, outings my SD buddies and lots of cool stuff.

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