Monday, January 3, 2011

Airborne Max!

After a stressful move Mom and I decided to take a vacation in sunny SoCal. So far, it has been warmer at home in Eureka than it has been here. Hopefully the weather will cheer up soon.

Mom and I flew down here on Alaska Airlines. I was to fly as an ESA and Mom had all my paperwork in order but they did not ask for it. The desk agent was able to rearrange things so Mom and I got two seats to ourselves. The flight was not full.  In the past Mom has experienced trouble going through Security, but mostly at SFO. Once security screening opened for our flight we were the first ones to go through.

Mom stripped me of my harness, collar, and leash. I was only wearing a grooming lead and a t-shirt. Mom wore velour sweatpants to fly so she didn't have to worry about removing her belt or her zipper setting off the metal detector.  We walked through and had no problems. Mom dressed me, got our bags, and settled down near the gate door.

We were the first to board the plane. I settled down under our seats on my mat. The plane filled with passengers and then we took off. I did not like take off. In fact, I hated most of the flight. At first I looked out the window but then I just sat under the seat shaking. It was too noisy and the whole floor vibrated. I refused treats and water. It was a 2 hour flight then Mom and I got off that noisy bird.

Mom and I spent some time at the mandated Animal Relief Area. I sniffed at the astro turf but didn't potty. Then we went to sit at a bus stop. A lady kept talking to me but wouldn't pet me. I barked at her. Both my behavior and the lady's upset Mom. Then we got on the bus. Mom wasn't feeling well, flying bothers her. We went straight to the back of the mostly empty bus. There were 3 seats there so Mom was able to stretch out.  I laid down happily on the floor, I have no problems with buses.

Hi, this is Michele speaking here. I want to share something that happened that Max didn't know about. As the bus filled up a couple headed back to sit in front of us. I noticed that the female half carried a dog carrier and a small dog. This bus allows small dogs in carriers.  As the bus left the airport, I noticed ID tags on the carrier from one of the faker scam sites. She unclipped them from the bag, waved them in her male partner's face, laughed and said, "See, I told you these would work!". She laughed some more and tucked the tags into the carrier. I was fuming, it's people like this that mess things up for us that really need a SD. Her dog was well-behaved so I didn't make a fuss. Max didn't even notice her dog and I don't think her dog saw Max.

Once we got off the bus I saw Grandma! I licked her hand and she held my leash when Mom went potty. Then we got in Grandma's car and drove to their house. I potty'd like crazy on their lawn. Then I got to see my Uncle Nosh! Nosh is a yellow lab/pit mix. He is getting old and gets grumpy with me. I like to mess with him though.  Then I got to see my cousin Rocky, Auntie Melanie's pug.

Mom got to see her best friend Dana who she hasn't seen in over a year. Dana is going to school to learn to take care of animals of the island of St. Kitts. Dana's boyfriend Shawn lives near Grandma and is a park ranger. We did all sorts of stuff with them but that's another entry.

Tomorrow we get to meet Eva and Bailey!

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  1. Arrrg people like that lady are STUPID. She just did not want to pay a fee, obviously her dog could have fit in-cabin. Max might be in a fear period, that couavd explain the shaking. Maybe get him some RR for the way back.