Monday, November 1, 2010

Exciting weekend!!

There was lots going on this weekend. I had uber fun!!

On Saturday I went to Torah Study with Mom. This part is usually quite boring but the people there have many interesting smells on their shoes. Then we went to Headwaters Forest Reserve with Richard and Nanook for a hike. Here's a picture of me and Mom.

Here's a picture of Richard and Nanook!

Later that day I got to go to a party! Mom put this orange thing on me but it didn't stop me from running amok around the property. I met Artemis, a slightly skittish GSD mix. She didn't want to play with me but liked the bully stick that we brought for her. The party had this great bamboo thicket that I got to play in. So many new smells!  Mom was falling asleep in a chair so cousin Eli took us home. Robin stayed at the party and came home later.

On Sunday Mom and I played in the yard before going to Grocery Outlet for a few things. Later that day Leslie stopped by and took me and Mom off to the mall for it. Mom regretted going with Leslie immediately. It was a bit scary in there. All these little kids in funny clothes, hyped up on sugar and running all over the place. I really wanted to run with them but I could see that Mom was not comfortable there. So we sat on a bench and I worked really hard to focus on Mom and ignore the kids. Mom seemed a bit spacey so I kept nudging her with my nose. Leslie came back for us and we escaped to the car.

Mom kept me inside that night, we didn't go for a late evening walk as Mom said there were too many weirdos out.