Monday, October 25, 2010

Review of the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser

Tonight I'm letting Mom take the computer and she will write a review of the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser.

We are big Ruff Wear fans. Max has the Ruff Wear Track Jacket, Beacon, and WebMaster Harness. We have been pleased with all of them. But I am thrilled with the Cloud Chaser.  Humboldt County gets LOTS of rain and we really need something to keep our working boy dry.

The first time I put the Cloud Chaser on Max, it was kind of hard to get on him. He thought we were playing and rolled onto his back for tummy rubs. This obviously didn't make it any easier. Max seemed comfortable and proceeded to run around the yard without a problem. But yesterday the rain was really coming down!

We took about a half an hour walk.  My husband and I both wore raincoats with jeans, Max wore his Cloud Chaser. After our walk, hubby and I both had really wet jeans! Max's head, tail and back legs were completely drenched. Once on the back porch I removed the Cloud Chaser.  Max's back and belly were completely dry! We hung our jeans and the Cloud Chaser up to dry. The Cloud Chaser was dry long before the jeans were. Thank you Ruff Wear for making this awesome piece of dog clothing!

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