Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Blog

This is my first time being a blogging dog. I hope you enjoy my blog about my adventures being a service dog in training. This is me!

Today Mom and I got up early around 6am. I slept solidly last night after running on the beach with Nanook. Nanook is my German Short-haired Pointer friend who lives a few blocks away. Mom put a sweatshirt on over her pajamas, dressed me in my Ruff Wear Track Jacket, and took me for a walk.  We walked around the neighborhood a bit then we visited Nanook for a few hours.  Mom did some boring stuff with paperwork and the computer while Nanook and I terrorized the chickens in Nanook's yard.

Mom was in a bit of a funk today and didn't feel like going out. She didn't even get dressed, stayed in her pajamas all day!. I alternately cuddled with her and played in the yard. To break up the monotony I chased Star a few times. The blue rubber ball was my toy of preference today and I had blast running all over the yard with it!!

Robin (that's Mom's husband) played with me too. I got to jump on him and gently take treat from his mouth. I'm really good at that game. Mom spent some time brushing me and rubbing my belly!  I got some ground beef mixed in with my kibble for dinner and it was yuuuummmmmy!!

Now it's time to settle down in the living room with a good stick and relax for the night.

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