Saturday, October 16, 2010

Moving stress, the old man, and parties

It has been almost a week since I've blogged, time to get caught up.

By the end of November we have to move. Mom is searching for a place that we can afford and that will accept the kitties. We really want a dog-friendly place as well, a place that won't give her grief over me and Mordy.  Mom also needs a place that isn't tiny so she doesn't feel like she's in a cave all the time.  That would just get her more depressed.  This hasn't been easy.  Mom is starting to get really stressed and needs my help more and more.

Poor Mordecai isn't doing great. He whines a lot and none of us can figure out what is wrong. It's vet time soon. He is also getting incontinent and needs to be taken out every couple of hours.  I really hate the smell of pee in the house. Mom has to do at least one load of pee laundry every week.   I think my Uncle Richard (Nanook's dad) will give us some rags so we don't have to keep using the towels.

Last night I partied with Tetra and Dexter. Dexter is a SDIT for Mom's friend Alyssa. Alyssa says that I'm Dexter's Mini-Me.  It was a great party, lots of short skirts for me to stick my nose up.  And there was pudding wrestling!!  Some crazy people got into a kiddy pool with chocolate pudding and wrestled! It was great. I like wrestling but Mom wouldn't let me join in. She says chocolate isn't good for me.

Right now we're at Uncle Richard's house. Mom is doing the laundry and I am enjoying some chicken poop in the backyard.  Mom said I had to take a break from eating poop to do some blogging. But now it's back to eating poop and herding chickens!!  Have a great weekend!

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