Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy days!

Yesterday was a school day. Mom is taking one class and I find it all pretty boring. But I like going to school, there are many interesting smells. Mom also eats lunch with a friend who is allowed to pet me. I like that part. Then we sat in class and the teacher talked the whole time about somethings called Hinduism and Buddhism. I don't get it but Mom sure seemed into it.

After school we did the laundry. Mom was very insistent on taking me. Last time she didn't take me and ended up having a really long flashback. Mom's friend Leslie came for us and we were off to the laundromat. The laundromat was mostly boring, but I liked looking at myself in the reflection of the dryer door.At the laundromat

Once Mom was done washing the clothes, Leslie took us shopping! Mom was really excited about this. She could finally buy the shoes she's wanted since February.
We finally got home and I raced around the yard at breakneck speed. I have soooo much energy! Then it was time for dinner and chilling out. I slept very good last night.

This morning Mom got up before 6am. She couldn't sleep. We took a morning walk in my RuffWear Track Jacket.  

Mom wants crazy Eureka drivers to be able to see me. After that Mom lazed around the house while I played in the yard. Mom finally got off her lazy butt around 9am so we could take a bus someplace. We rode the bus for about half an hour and ran some errands really fast! Before I knew it we were back on the bus and heading home. As we changed buses we saw my friend Tetra!  We were riding the same bus home. We sat across the bus from each other and I tried to ignore Tetra. Some lady on the bus commented that Tetra and I could start fighting at any time and that our moms should be careful. I don't want to fight with Tetra, I just want to steal her toys and wrestle.

Leslie and her husband Corey stopped by again today. Corey was sad not to see Robin (Mom's husband) but they'll come by tomorrow.  Mom and I will head to Costco soon for dog food and other stuff Mom says is important. Maybe she'll buy me some bully sticks!!

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