Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baths, rain, and Target.

A week ago Mom and Robin did something awful. They took me into a little room, put me in a tub and forced me to be wet! I like playing in the water as much as any Border Collie but I don't like forced wetness. Then they put some other stuff on me and there was lots of white bubbles all over me!  More water was added and the white stuff disappeared. They finally let me out of the tub and warm air dried my fur. I did not like this, especially because they wouldn't let me go outside to chase Nanook's chickens.

Water has started to fall from the sky. Mom calls it rain. I don't mind playing in the rain, Mom has me wear this nice gray raincoat and it keeps me dry. I don't mind the wet, but she does.

Yesterday Leslie took Mom and I to a place called Target. I've never been there before but Mom has.  It was kind of exciting! So many things to see and smell. Plus lots of kids. Mom and Leslie looked at some jars, bought them and then we left. I was pulling a little but not too badly. No one tried to pet me and I stayed pretty calm. Mom didn't have any access issues and seemed pleased.

Mom's tummy was bothering her so we headed home. Mom was not happy with her tummy and went to bed pretty early.

We had an early morning guest today. Robin's friend Scott stopped by around 5am! He was taking a break from 2010: A Sex Odyssey. I don't really know what that is but I like Scott.  He always pets me when he comes over. He has a little dog named River. I really want to play with River but she doesn't want to play with me.

Soon Mom and I will make a quick trip through the rain to the post office.  Then in a couple hours we will go visit Richard and Nanook!

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