Monday, October 25, 2010

Review of the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser

Tonight I'm letting Mom take the computer and she will write a review of the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser.

We are big Ruff Wear fans. Max has the Ruff Wear Track Jacket, Beacon, and WebMaster Harness. We have been pleased with all of them. But I am thrilled with the Cloud Chaser.  Humboldt County gets LOTS of rain and we really need something to keep our working boy dry.

The first time I put the Cloud Chaser on Max, it was kind of hard to get on him. He thought we were playing and rolled onto his back for tummy rubs. This obviously didn't make it any easier. Max seemed comfortable and proceeded to run around the yard without a problem. But yesterday the rain was really coming down!

We took about a half an hour walk.  My husband and I both wore raincoats with jeans, Max wore his Cloud Chaser. After our walk, hubby and I both had really wet jeans! Max's head, tail and back legs were completely drenched. Once on the back porch I removed the Cloud Chaser.  Max's back and belly were completely dry! We hung our jeans and the Cloud Chaser up to dry. The Cloud Chaser was dry long before the jeans were. Thank you Ruff Wear for making this awesome piece of dog clothing!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baths, rain, and Target.

A week ago Mom and Robin did something awful. They took me into a little room, put me in a tub and forced me to be wet! I like playing in the water as much as any Border Collie but I don't like forced wetness. Then they put some other stuff on me and there was lots of white bubbles all over me!  More water was added and the white stuff disappeared. They finally let me out of the tub and warm air dried my fur. I did not like this, especially because they wouldn't let me go outside to chase Nanook's chickens.

Water has started to fall from the sky. Mom calls it rain. I don't mind playing in the rain, Mom has me wear this nice gray raincoat and it keeps me dry. I don't mind the wet, but she does.

Yesterday Leslie took Mom and I to a place called Target. I've never been there before but Mom has.  It was kind of exciting! So many things to see and smell. Plus lots of kids. Mom and Leslie looked at some jars, bought them and then we left. I was pulling a little but not too badly. No one tried to pet me and I stayed pretty calm. Mom didn't have any access issues and seemed pleased.

Mom's tummy was bothering her so we headed home. Mom was not happy with her tummy and went to bed pretty early.

We had an early morning guest today. Robin's friend Scott stopped by around 5am! He was taking a break from 2010: A Sex Odyssey. I don't really know what that is but I like Scott.  He always pets me when he comes over. He has a little dog named River. I really want to play with River but she doesn't want to play with me.

Soon Mom and I will make a quick trip through the rain to the post office.  Then in a couple hours we will go visit Richard and Nanook!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Moving stress, the old man, and parties

It has been almost a week since I've blogged, time to get caught up.

By the end of November we have to move. Mom is searching for a place that we can afford and that will accept the kitties. We really want a dog-friendly place as well, a place that won't give her grief over me and Mordy.  Mom also needs a place that isn't tiny so she doesn't feel like she's in a cave all the time.  That would just get her more depressed.  This hasn't been easy.  Mom is starting to get really stressed and needs my help more and more.

Poor Mordecai isn't doing great. He whines a lot and none of us can figure out what is wrong. It's vet time soon. He is also getting incontinent and needs to be taken out every couple of hours.  I really hate the smell of pee in the house. Mom has to do at least one load of pee laundry every week.   I think my Uncle Richard (Nanook's dad) will give us some rags so we don't have to keep using the towels.

Last night I partied with Tetra and Dexter. Dexter is a SDIT for Mom's friend Alyssa. Alyssa says that I'm Dexter's Mini-Me.  It was a great party, lots of short skirts for me to stick my nose up.  And there was pudding wrestling!!  Some crazy people got into a kiddy pool with chocolate pudding and wrestled! It was great. I like wrestling but Mom wouldn't let me join in. She says chocolate isn't good for me.

Right now we're at Uncle Richard's house. Mom is doing the laundry and I am enjoying some chicken poop in the backyard.  Mom said I had to take a break from eating poop to do some blogging. But now it's back to eating poop and herding chickens!!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy days!

Yesterday was a school day. Mom is taking one class and I find it all pretty boring. But I like going to school, there are many interesting smells. Mom also eats lunch with a friend who is allowed to pet me. I like that part. Then we sat in class and the teacher talked the whole time about somethings called Hinduism and Buddhism. I don't get it but Mom sure seemed into it.

After school we did the laundry. Mom was very insistent on taking me. Last time she didn't take me and ended up having a really long flashback. Mom's friend Leslie came for us and we were off to the laundromat. The laundromat was mostly boring, but I liked looking at myself in the reflection of the dryer door.At the laundromat

Once Mom was done washing the clothes, Leslie took us shopping! Mom was really excited about this. She could finally buy the shoes she's wanted since February.
We finally got home and I raced around the yard at breakneck speed. I have soooo much energy! Then it was time for dinner and chilling out. I slept very good last night.

This morning Mom got up before 6am. She couldn't sleep. We took a morning walk in my RuffWear Track Jacket.  

Mom wants crazy Eureka drivers to be able to see me. After that Mom lazed around the house while I played in the yard. Mom finally got off her lazy butt around 9am so we could take a bus someplace. We rode the bus for about half an hour and ran some errands really fast! Before I knew it we were back on the bus and heading home. As we changed buses we saw my friend Tetra!  We were riding the same bus home. We sat across the bus from each other and I tried to ignore Tetra. Some lady on the bus commented that Tetra and I could start fighting at any time and that our moms should be careful. I don't want to fight with Tetra, I just want to steal her toys and wrestle.

Leslie and her husband Corey stopped by again today. Corey was sad not to see Robin (Mom's husband) but they'll come by tomorrow.  Mom and I will head to Costco soon for dog food and other stuff Mom says is important. Maybe she'll buy me some bully sticks!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Much excitement!!

We have had lots of excitement these last 36 hours.  Yesterday I got many hours of play time in the yard. We walked to Eureka Natural to get some Apple Cider Vinegar for Mordecai.  Mom thinks he has a urinary tract infection. 

Last night we went to Arts Alive in Old Town Eureka. That was a little too much for me. There were very exciting dogs there and it was really hard for me to focus on my work and not play with them. I barked a few times and Mom had to take me aside to get me calmed down.  We didn't stay long.

This morning Mom and I walked to Grocery Outlet to pick up a few things. We stopped off at the Post Office so Mom could check her mail. In the box was several envelopes from State Disability. Mom got excited and we rushed home.  Mom was approved! Happy Dance!! 

Later on we went out the patio to visit with Holly (my friend Tetra's handler) and I saw something very interesting. I sniffed it and found that is was a possum! It wasn't really moving. Mom called someone to see if they could help. A nice lady in a dark uniform came to take the possum. She said the possum was alive, but not doing well. It didn't put up a fight and had these things called maggots on it's belly. She put it in a carrier and left with it. I was hoping that I could chase the possum and it would chase me back. But if it was sick or hurt then playing wouldn't be fun.

Mom might have some friends over for a celebration dinner so I'm going to take a nap so I can be ready for tonight's fun!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Blog

This is my first time being a blogging dog. I hope you enjoy my blog about my adventures being a service dog in training. This is me!

Today Mom and I got up early around 6am. I slept solidly last night after running on the beach with Nanook. Nanook is my German Short-haired Pointer friend who lives a few blocks away. Mom put a sweatshirt on over her pajamas, dressed me in my Ruff Wear Track Jacket, and took me for a walk.  We walked around the neighborhood a bit then we visited Nanook for a few hours.  Mom did some boring stuff with paperwork and the computer while Nanook and I terrorized the chickens in Nanook's yard.

Mom was in a bit of a funk today and didn't feel like going out. She didn't even get dressed, stayed in her pajamas all day!. I alternately cuddled with her and played in the yard. To break up the monotony I chased Star a few times. The blue rubber ball was my toy of preference today and I had blast running all over the yard with it!!

Robin (that's Mom's husband) played with me too. I got to jump on him and gently take treat from his mouth. I'm really good at that game. Mom spent some time brushing me and rubbing my belly!  I got some ground beef mixed in with my kibble for dinner and it was yuuuummmmmy!!

Now it's time to settle down in the living room with a good stick and relax for the night.