Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom is always thinking of new things.

Mom had to get a new cane the other day because her's fell off the wheelchair at Universal Studios. When she was looking at cane, she saw little purses to attach to them. But Mom has so much stuff that she thought she probably already had something she could use. So, while going through a box in the garage (and then falling from the heat) she found this patch from Timbuk2 and it stays on her cane. Her new cane is pretty too, has butterflies on it! She has her cell phone with her so she is never without and can call for help if she needs it.

 Mom is always worried about things.  Like if we're out for an off-duty walk and Mom falls and hurts herself and has to call the paramedics. We've heard horror stories of unmarked service dogs being taken away when their handlers are hurt and sometimes being euthanized. Mom does NOT want that to happen. So we bought this leash wrap from Mom's friend Leann. It's brand-new but Mom did not pay brand-new prices. So this goes in Mom's new cane pouch to be used for emergency or unexpected situations.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 2012 Staycation!

 So here's the start of our August Staycation with more pictures to come!

On Friday we went to Universal Studios. Mom stayed in the wheelchair the whole day.

 Here I am on the Backlot Tram Tour. We sat in the front car. I decided to sit up here between the tram driver and the narrator. I did well on tram. I just didn't care for the earthquake simulation.
 Here's Jaws! He didn't scare me in the slightest.
 Here we are with some of Scooby Doo crew. I liked Scooby.

This is my friend Nanu, an American Eskimo Dog. She's one of the dogs in the Universal Studios Animal Actors Show. I met her once before and was happy to see her again. After the show we took this picture together.  Isn't she pretty?

 On Saturday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. When we entered, they asked Mom what breed I was. Over the radio they announced to zoo staff that I was at the zoo, it was very nice not to have every staff member question Mom. Mom was in the wheelchair again. But early into our zoo adventures, Mom's wheelchair started falling apart and we had to rent an electric one. The zoo was very hilly.

 Beautiful scarlet macaws!
 Here I am watching the macaws! I like birds!
 Gorilla butt!
 Giraffes feeding. I wouldn't want to try herding them!
 Here I am watching the giraffes.
Here was a male lion, basking in the sun. Mom was hoping this lion would teach me not to chase his smaller descendents, particularly Fasie.

More pictures to come, we still have to upload our pictures from our trip to Ventura on Thursday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots of good stuff in the mail!

 Because I did this to my Turnup from Ruffwear, Mom had to take action. The Turnup is my favorite.
 A few days later, we got a package! It was from Mom's friend Julee!
I got a new Turnup, a squeaky bone thing (I killed my last one), a yellow ball from West Paw Designs, and a new patch! Rocky wishes they made a Turnup in his size!

 We got this package from Florida!
 It was wrapped in neat tissue paper!
 It was a new collar for me with a pretty red riboon made by Mom's friend Brooke!
Here it is on me. I know it's hard to see a black collar on a black dog but there it is!

 Last week, we got this. Mom was super excited when it arrived.
 Something smells good in here!
 Hanukkah pot holders sent by Mom's friend Alyssa!
 Some fuzzy socks for Mom
 A pretty new necklace for Mom!
 Oh, dear! Something for Mom to torture me with!
My Mobility Support Harness made by Katrina at Bold Lead Designs. This was previously worn by my buddy Dexter but it fits me too! And it's in great shape!

 Fasie couldn't care in the slightest about my new harness!
 We took it out for a spin!
 It has a special ergonomic handle to make it more comfortable for Mom to hold. It only weighs 2.5lbs which is light compared to the Bridgeport harness that weigh at least 7lbs!

Mom loves the new harness. She says she feels so much more stable with me in my harness on one side and her cane on the other side. I'm still getting used it. It may only be 2.5lbs but it's heavier than the nylon harness I used to wear.

I have no problem doing tasks in this harness.

That's our update for now. We have big stuff planned for next week so be sure to watch for an update next weekend!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mom is grounded again!!!

Mom is not doing good and I'm worried about her. Today she fell 3 times and then fainted. We all went to the ER.  They did all sorts of tests on her but still doesn't know what it cause the falling. Some of the nurses at the ER were unsure of me at first but by the end, they adored me. And Mom was able to walk with just her cane and holding onto my handle. That BLD can't come soon enough!

Here's Mom and I at the ER. Mom is grounded, she really shouldn't be alone and the family is worried about her.

Friday, July 6, 2012

That time of the month!

The beginning of the month is Advantage time. Rocky and I both got our Advantage and treat to follow easily. Mom spent half an hour luring Fasie out from under the bed with beef liver and catnip. He finally came out, got his dose of Advantage, got his dose of catnip, some more liver and then he went back under the bed. I was so proud of Mom, she was able to get up from the floor all on her own. She used the bed to help her but didn't need me or auntie Mel to help her up. Yay Mom!

Here's me and Fasie on Mom's bed!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brief Update!

Since Mom got a complaint today that my blog hasn't been updated in 2 weeks (such a tragedy!) I made her get off the computer so I can give a brief update. But not a long entry, I have a pug to play with.

Mom and I went to Shabbat Under the Stars at the local synagogue.

Here I am chilling before the service.
 After the service, I had a fan club of cute little girls.

This past weekend, we went into the Valley with Mom's friend Tiffany to be extras in a movie called Geography Club. It's based on a book. Here are some pictures from that night.

I look crazy with this pom-pom!

That's it for now, I have a pug who needs me to wrestle with him!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mom is Grounded!

Last night, Mom overdid it.

Auntie Mel gave her some plastic tubs so she could store stuff under her bed. Mom put the tubs under her bed and then couldn't get back up. Mom sent me to get Auntie Mel which I did. Auntie and I got Mom up onto the bed. Auntie told Mom to rest and take it easy for a bit.  Mom didn't rest for long enough though. She attempted to get out of  bed to get her pills and down she went. Mom sent me to get Auntie again and we got Mom back in bed. This time Mom listened and stayed there for longer.  When Mom attempted to get under the covers, down she went again! I got sent to get Auntie Mel again and again we got her back into bed. And in bed she stayed.

Today she has been ordered to take it easy and keep her cell phone with her at all times. She still insisted on bathing me (yuck) but she is not allowed to unpack any boxes, get down on the floor and she has to play with me from her chair in the yard, no walks.

Mom, you are grounded!!